One Who Served – Veteran – Legacy


One Who Served – Legacy includes the beautiful memorial volume written specifically for the families of deceased veterans. The legacy package adds to the memorial volume, a beautiful wooden presentation chest, personalized insert and sympathy card.

Presented in lieu of flowers at the visitation/wake it becomes a treasured family keepsake celebrating the life of the veteran as well as providing valuable resources and information.

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One Who Served – Legacy

  1. Memorial Volume – Full color, 112 pages, gilded edges and padded cover
  2. Wooden Chest – Polished finish, beveled edges, leatherette accents and compartment for keepsakes.
  3. Personalized Insert
  4. Personalized Sympathy Card


Created by Veterans … for Veterans to honor all our armed forces!

  • A dignified and permanent military tribute that will be cherished by the family.
  • Impressive in appearance at 8.75” x 11.125” with gilded edges and padded cover.
  • Unique and specifically designed for the family of a deceased veteran.
  • Versatile in usage, can be displayed at visitation/wake, home visit, memorial services,…
  • Identifiable with a beautiful sympathy card for presenter identification.
  • Informative with extensive sections on military service and resources for the family.


One Who Served includes these supportive sections:

  • To Pay Tribute: Memorializing and chronicling the life of the veteran, including military service and later civilian life, family tree, and photographs.
  • To Remember: Saluting each of the armed forces, military facts and days to honor veterans, the Tomb of the Unknowns and Arlington National Cemetery.
  • To Grieve: A reflection on the human reality of grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one.
  • To Carry On: Seasonal meditations on the process of healing.
  • To Reach Out: A compilation of helpful resources for the family and information on obtaining military records, grave markers, Presidential Memorial Certificates, etc.
  • And More…

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